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An entity that controls the HDR tonemapping for all players on the map. Think of it as a method of controlling the exposure of a player's eye.

In code, it is defined in the ToneMappingEntity.cs file under addons\base\code\Entity\Hammer\Effects.


Name (targetname)

  • The name that other entities refer to this entity by.

Tags (tags)

  • A list of general purpose tags for this entity, for interactions with other entities such as triggers.

Enabled (enabled)

  • Whether this entity is enabled.

Min Exposure (minexposure)

  • Minimum autoexposure scale.

Max Exposure (maxexposure)

  • Maximum autoexpsure scale.

Percent Bright Pixels (percent_bright_pixels)

  • Set a target for percentage of pixels above a certain brightness. (-1 for default engine behavior)

Percent Target (percent_target)

  • Set a custom brightness target to go along with 'Target Bright Pixel Percentage'.(-1 for default engine behavior)

Rate (rate)