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A procedurally breakable voxel surface.

This entity requires a mesh to function

In code, it is defined in the VoxelSurface.cs file under addons\base\code\Entity\Experimental\Voxel.


Create a quad, reszize it to your desired size then press ctrl + t to turn it into an entity and then set its class to func_voxelsurface

func_voxelsurface only works as a quad.


Name (targetname)

  • The name that other entities refer to this entity by.

Tags (tags)

  • A list of general purpose tags for this entity, for interactions with other entities such as triggers.

Width (width)

  • How many voxels on the width (Limited to 64).

Height (height)

  • How many voxels on the height (Limited to 64).

Thickness (thickness)

  • How thick is the surface (Limited to 64).

Material (material)

  • Material to use for the surface.

Frozen (frozen)

  • Is the panel frozen.

Shadow Casting (enable_shadows)

  • Whether this entity should cast shadows or not.