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Source 1 Material Porting

While you can do this you probably shouldn't. But if you're porting from your own Source 1 projects you should be fine. Though remaking the materials to better suit Physically Based Rendering (PBR) would still be a better route.

To convert and import the textures:

  • source1import

  • the gameinfo.txt from the source 1 game your importing from.

To convert the materials

Step 1

  • place the gameinfo.txt in in a folder with your materials that you will be importing.

Step 2

  • Click on the three ... to the right of "import game" Browse to the materials that you will be importing.

  • For "export game" browse to your addon dir.

  • Click Import Textures & Import Materials.

  • Click on go.



If done correctly, the materials should show up in the asset browser Asset Browser

cs_assault materials ported from Counter-Strike: Source.


Original guide made by user noonforme can be found here on the Facepunch forums.