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bool Connected
Data.Connection Connection
The actual connection we're managing


Data.ConnectionInfo ConnectionInfo { get; }
The last received ConnectionInfo
string ConnectionName { get; set; }
IConnectionManager Interface { get; set; }
An optional interface to use instead of deriving
System.Int64 UserData { get; set; }


void Close()
void OnConnected( Data.ConnectionInfo info )
Client is connected. They move from connecting to Connections
void OnConnecting( Data.ConnectionInfo info )
We're trying to connect!
void OnDisconnected( Data.ConnectionInfo info )
The connection has been closed remotely or disconnected locally. Check data.State for details.
void OnMessage( System.IntPtr data, int size, System.Int64 messageNum, System.Int64 recvTime, int channel )
void Receive( int bufferSize = 32 )

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