Facepunch.Steamworks Wiki


Functions to control music playback in the steam client. This gives games the opportunity to do things like pause the music or lower the volume, when an important cut scene is shown, and start playing afterwards. Nothing uses Steam Music though so this can probably get fucked


static event Action OnPlaybackChanged
Playback status changed
static event Action<float> OnVolumeChanged
Volume changed, parameter is new volume


static bool IsEnabled { get; }
Checks if Steam Music is enabled
static bool IsPlaying { get; }
true if a song is currently playing, paused, or queued up to play; otherwise false.
static MusicStatus Status { get; }
Gets the current status of the Steam Music player
static float Volume { get; set; }
Gets/Sets the current volume of the Steam Music player


static void Pause()
static void Play()
static void PlayNext()
Have the Steam Music player skip to the next song
static void PlayPrevious()
Have the Steam Music player play the previous song.