Facepunch.Steamworks Wiki



string Description { get; }
float GlobalUnlocked { get; }
Returns the fraction (0-1) of users who have unlocked the specified achievement, or -1 if no data available.
string Identifier { get; }
string Name { get; }
bool State { get; }
True if unlocked
Should hold the unlock time if State is true


bool Clear()
Reset this achievement to not achieved
Gets the icon of the achievement. This can return a null image even though the image exists if the image hasn't been downloaded by Steam yet. You can use GetIconAsync if you want to wait for the image to be downloaded.
async Task<Data.Image> GetIconAsync( int timeout = 5000 )
Gets the icon of the achievement, waits for it to load if we have to
bool Trigger( bool apply = True )
Make this achievement earned