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Toggles whether the overlay handles screenshots when the user presses the screenshot hotkey, or if the game handles them. Hooking is disabled by default, and only ever enabled if you do so with this function. If the hooking is enabled, then the Screens..
static bool Hooked { get; set; }


Adds a screenshot to the user's screenshot library from disk. If a thumbnail is provided, it must be 200 pixels wide and the same aspect ratio as the screenshot, otherwise a thumbnail will be generated if the user uploads the screenshot. The screensho..
static Data.Screenshot? AddScreenshot( string filename, string thumbnail, int width, int height );
Causes the Steam overlay to take a screenshot. If screenshots are being hooked by the game then a ScreenshotRequested callback is sent back to the game instead.
static void TriggerScreenshot();
Writes a screenshot to the user's screenshot library given the raw image data, which must be in RGB format. The return value is a handle that is valid for the duration of the game process and can be used to apply tags.
static Data.Screenshot? WriteScreenshot( byte[] data, int width, int height );

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