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Get Server List

Creating The Request

First step is to create the request. You have a few different options, but here's how to create an Internet request.

Request = new Steamworks.ServerList.Internet();


You can optionally add filters to avoid showing servers you don't want to show.

// Show only secure servers Request.AddFilter( "secure", "1" ); // AND with the next 1 rule (if not it'll OR) Request.AddFilter( "and", "1" ); // Show only servers that are the same version Request.AddFilter( "gametype", GameVersionString );

Set up a callback

Set up a function to be called when new servers are found. This won't be called for every server, but it might be called every frame.

Request.OnChanges += OnServersUpdated;

Run the request

You can start the request. You don't have to await this function. It takes a timeout, in seconds, where it'll stop updating.

Request.RunQueryAsync( 30 );

Server Responded

Your callback function will get called when new servers are found.

void OnServersUpdated() { // No reponsive servers yet, bail if ( Request.Responsive.Count == 0 ) return; // Process each responsive server foreach ( var s in Request.Responsive ) { ServerResponded( s ); } // Clear the responsive server list so we don't // reprocess them on the next call. Request.Responsive.Clear(); } void ServerResponded( ServerInfo server ) { // Do whatever you want with the server information Log( $"{server.Name} Responded!" ); }


If you want a Stop button on or a Refresh button, you should stop the request.

if ( Request != null ) { Request.Dispose(); Request = null; }