Facepunch.Steamworks Wiki



System.Net.IPAddress Address { get; set; }
uint AddressRaw { get; set; }
uint AppId { get; set; }
int BotPlayers { get; set; }
int ConnectionPort { get; set; }
string Description { get; set; }
string GameDir { get; set; }
uint LastTimePlayed { get; set; }
string Map { get; set; }
int MaxPlayers { get; set; }
string Name { get; set; }
bool Passworded { get; set; }
int Ping { get; set; }
int Players { get; set; }
int QueryPort { get; set; }
bool Secure { get; set; }
ulong SteamId { get; set; }
System.String[] Tags { get; }
Gets the individual tags for this server
string TagString { get; set; }
int Version { get; set; }


void AddToFavourites()
Add this server to our favourite list
void AddToHistory()
Add this server to our history list If we're already in the history list, weill set the last played time to now
async Dictionary<string, string> QueryRulesAsync()
If this server responds to source engine style queries, we'll be able to get a list of rules here
void RemoveFromFavourites()
Remove this server from our favourite list
void RemoveFromHistory()
Remove this server from our history list