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Undocumented Parental Settings


static int FileCount { get; }
Gets the total number of local files synchronized by Steam Cloud.
static IEnumerable<string> Files { get; }
Get a list of filenames synchronized by Steam Cloud
static bool IsCloudEnabled { get; }
returns true if IsCloudEnabledForAccount AND IsCloudEnabledForApp
static bool IsCloudEnabledForAccount { get; }
Checks if the account wide Steam Cloud setting is enabled for this user or if they disabled it in the Settings->Cloud dialog.
static bool IsCloudEnabledForApp { get; set; }
Checks if the per game Steam Cloud setting is enabled for this user or if they disabled it in the Game Properties->Update dialog. This must only ever be set as the direct result of the user explicitly requesting that it's enabled or not. This is typically accomplished with a checkbox within your in-game options
static ulong QuotaBytes { get; }
Number of bytes total
static ulong QuotaRemainingBytes { get; }
Number of bytes remaining until your quota is used
static ulong QuotaUsedBytes { get; }
Number of bytes used


static bool FileDelete( string filename )
Deletes a file from the local disk, and propagates that delete to the cloud.
static bool FileExists( string filename )
Checks whether the specified file exists.
static bool FileForget( string filename )
Deletes the file from remote storage, but leaves it on the local disk and remains accessible from the API.
static bool FilePersisted( string filename )
Checks if a specific file is persisted in the steam cloud.
static byte[] FileRead( string filename )
Opens a binary file, reads the contents of the file into a byte array, and then closes the file.
static int FileSize( string filename )
Gets the specified files size in bytes. 0 if not exists.
static System.DateTime FileTime( string filename )
Gets the specified file's last modified date/time.
static bool FileWrite( string filename, byte[] data )
Creates a new file, writes the bytes to the file, and then closes the file. If the target file already exists, it is overwritten