Facepunch.Steamworks Wiki


Functions for clients to access matchmaking services, favorites, and to operate on game lobbies


static event Action<Data.Lobby, Friend, string> OnChatMessage
A chat message was recieved from a member of a lobby
static event Action<Result, Data.Lobby> OnLobbyCreated
You created a lobby
static event Action<Data.Lobby> OnLobbyDataChanged
The lobby metadata has changed
static event Action<Data.Lobby> OnLobbyEntered
You joined a lobby
static event Action<Data.Lobby, uint, ushort, SteamId> OnLobbyGameCreated
A game server has been associated with the lobby
static event Action<Friend, Data.Lobby> OnLobbyInvite
Someone invited you to a lobby
The lobby member was banned. The 3rd param is the user that banned them.
The lobby member metadata has changed
The lobby member left the room
static event Action<Data.Lobby, Friend> OnLobbyMemberJoined
The lobby member joined
The lobby member was kicked. The 3rd param is the user that kicked them.
static event Action<Data.Lobby, Friend> OnLobbyMemberLeave
The lobby member left the room


static Data.LobbyQuery LobbyList { get; }


static async Task<Data.Lobby> CreateLobbyAsync( int maxMembers = 100 )
Creates a new invisible lobby. Call lobby.SetPublic to take it online.
static IEnumerable<Data.ServerInfo> GetFavoriteServers()
Get a list of servers that are on your favorites list
static IEnumerable<Data.ServerInfo> GetHistoryServers()
Get a list of servers that you have added to your play history
static async Task<Data.Lobby> JoinLobbyAsync( SteamId lobbyId )