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System.Net.IPAddress Address { get; }
Get the Address section
static Data.NetAddress Cleared { get; }
Set everything to zero
bool IsIPv4 { get; }
Return true if IP is mapped IPv4
bool IsIPv6AllZeros { get; }
Return true if the IP is ::0. (Doesn't check port.)
bool IsLocalHost { get; }
Return true if this identity is localhost. (Either IPv6 ::1, or IPv4
ushort Port { get; }
The Port. This is redundant documentation.


static Data.NetAddress AnyIp( ushort port )
Any IP, specific port
static Data.NetAddress From( System.Net.IPAddress address, ushort port )
Specific IP, specific port
static Data.NetAddress LocalHost( ushort port )
Localhost IP, specific port

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