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string ChangelogUrl { get; }
The URl to view this item's changelog
string CommentsUrl { get; }
The URL to view the comments on this item
AppId ConsumerApp { get; }
App Id of the app that will consume this item.
System.DateTime Created { get; }
Time when the published item was created
AppId CreatorApp { get; }
App Id of the app that created this item
string Description { get; }
The description of this item, in your local language if available
string Directory { get; }
string DiscussUrl { get; }
The URL to discuss this item
float DownloadAmount { get; }
If we're downloading our current progress as a delta betwen 0-1
System.Int64 DownloadBytesDownloaded { get; }
If we're downloading, how much we've downloaded
System.Int64 DownloadBytesTotal { get; }
If we're downloading, how big the total download is
The actual ID of this file
bool IsAcceptedForUse { get; }
Whether the developer of this app has specifically flagged this item as accepted in the Workshop
bool IsBanned { get; }
True if this item has been banned
bool IsDownloading { get; }
bool IsDownloadPending { get; }
bool IsFriendsOnly { get; }
True if this item is only visible by friends of the creator
bool IsInstalled { get; }
bool IsPrivate { get; }
True if this is only visible to the creator
bool IsPublic { get; }
True if this is publically visible
bool IsSubscribed { get; }
bool NeedsUpdate { get; }
ulong NumComments { get; }
Friend Owner { get; }
User who created this content
string PreviewImageUrl { get; }
The URL to the preview image for this item
ulong ReportScore { get; }
Result Result { get; }
float Score { get; }
The bayesian average for up votes / total votes, between [0,1]
System.Int64 SizeBytes { get; }
If we're installed, how big is the install
string StatsUrl { get; }
The URL to view this items stats online
System.String[] Tags { get; }
A list of tags for this item, all lowercase
string Title { get; }
The given title of this item
System.DateTime Updated { get; }
Time when the published item was last updated
string Url { get; }
Return a URL to view this item online
uint VotesDown { get; }
The number of downvotes of this item
uint VotesUp { get; }
The number of upvotes of this item


async Task<bool> AddFavorite()
Adds item to user favorite list
bool Download( bool highPriority = False )
Start downloading this item. If this returns false the item isn't getting downloaded.
async Task<bool> DownloadAsync( Action<float> progress, int milisecondsUpdateDelay = 60, System.Threading.CancellationToken ct )
Allows the user to subscribe to download this item asyncronously If CancellationToken is default then there is 60 seconds timeout Progress will be set to 0-1
Edit this item
static async Task<Ugc.Item> GetAsync( Data.PublishedFileId id, int maxageseconds = 1800 )
Gets the current users vote on the item
bool HasTag( string find )
A case insensitive check for tag
async Task<bool> RemoveFavorite()
Removes item from user favorite list
async Task<bool> Subscribe()
Allows the user to subscribe to this item
async Task<bool> Unsubscribe()
Allows the user to unsubscribe from this item
async Task<Result> Vote( bool up )
Allows the user to rate a workshop item up or down.