Facepunch.Steamworks Wiki


Functions for accessing and manipulating Steam user information. This is also where the APIs for Steam Voice are exposed.


static event Action<Result> OnDownloadItemResult
Posted after Download call


static async Task<bool> DeleteFileAsync( Data.PublishedFileId fileId )
static bool Download( Data.PublishedFileId fileId, bool highPriority = False )
Start downloading this item. You'll get notified of completion via OnDownloadItemResult.
static async Task<bool> DownloadAsync( Data.PublishedFileId fileId, Action<float> progress, int milisecondsUpdateDelay = 60, System.Threading.CancellationToken ct )
Will attempt to download this item asyncronously - allowing you to instantly react to its installation
static async Task<Ugc.Item> QueryFileAsync( Data.PublishedFileId fileId )
Utility function to fetch a single item. Internally this uses Ugc.FileQuery - which you can use to query multiple items if you need to.
static async Task<bool> StartPlaytimeTracking( Data.PublishedFileId fileId )
static async Task<bool> StopPlaytimeTracking( Data.PublishedFileId fileId )
static async Task<bool> StopPlaytimeTrackingForAllItems()