Facepunch.Steamworks Wiki


Used as a base to create your client connection. This creates a socket to a single connection.

You can override all the virtual functions to turn it into what you want it to do.


string ConnectionName { get; set; }
A name for the connection, used mostly for debugging
uint Id { get; set; }
System.Int64 UserData { get; set; }
Get/Set connection user data


Accept an incoming connection that has been received on a listen socket.
bool Close( bool linger = False, int reasonCode = 0, string debugString = "Closing Connection" )
Disconnects from the remote host and invalidates the connection handle. Any unread data on the connection is discarded.. reasonCode is defined and used by you.
string DetailedStatus()
Returns detailed connection stats in text format. Useful for dumping to a log, etc.
Flush any messages waiting on the Nagle timer and send them at the next transmission opportunity (often that means right now).
Result SendMessage( string str, Data.SendType sendType = Reliable )
This creates a ton of garbage - so don't do anything with this beyond testing!