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Creating a Leaderboard

Creating a leaderboard is really easy.

using Steamworks; using Steamworks.Data; ... var leaderboard = await SteamUserStats.FindOrCreateLeaderboardAsync( "MyLeaderboard", LeaderboardSort.Ascending, LeaderboardDisplay.Numeric );

Here you've created a leaderboard named "MyLeaderboard" which is sorted in ascending (highest first) and is number based (high score etc) rather than time based (fastest lap etc).

Getting a Leaderboard

You can safely get a leaderboard with the same function. If you only want to get one that exists you can use:

var leaderboard = await SteamUserStats.FindLeaderboardAsync( "MyLeaderboard" );
FindLeaderboardAsync and FindOrCreateLeaderboardAsync return a nullable. If for whatever reason the board cannot be found - it'll be null. This means you should check it first via leaderboard.HasValue and then the real leaderboard is in leaderboard.Value.

Submitting a Score

var result = await lb.SubmitScoreAsync( 576 );

This function will only replace your last score if the new one is better. On success (result.HasValue) this function will return a Data.LeaderboardUpdate.

You can force your score to be replace, even if it's worse, using:

var result = await lb.ReplaceScoreAsync( 576 );

Getting Scores

// Get top 20 scores var globalScores = await lb.Value.GetScoresAsync( 20 ); foreach ( var e in globalScores) { Console.WriteLine( $"{e.GlobalRank}: {e.Score} {e.User}" ); } // Get scores from friends var friendScores = await lb.Value.GetScoresFromFriendsAsync(); foreach ( var e in friendScores ) { Console.WriteLine( $"{e.GlobalRank}: {e.Score} {e.User}" ); } // Get scores around current user var surroundScores = await lb.Value.GetScoresAroundUserAsync( -10, 10 ); foreach ( var e in surroundScores ) { Console.WriteLine( $"{e.GlobalRank}: {e.Score} {e.User}" ); }