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int EntryCount { get; }
string Name { get; }
the name of a leaderboard


async Task<Result> AttachUgc( Data.Ugc file )
Attaches a piece of user generated content the user's entry on a leaderboard
async Task<Data.LeaderboardEntry[]> GetScoresAroundUserAsync( int start = -10, int end = 10 )
Used to retrieve leaderboard entries relative a user's entry. If there are not enough entries in the leaderboard before or after the user's entry, Steam will adjust the range to try to return the number of entries requested. For example, if the user is #1 on the leaderboard and start is set to -2, end is set to 2, Steam will return the first 5 entries in the leaderboard. If The current user has no entry, this will return null.
async Task<Data.LeaderboardEntry[]> GetScoresAsync( int count, int offset = 1 )
Used to query for a sequential range of leaderboard entries by leaderboard Sort.
Used to retrieve all leaderboard entries for friends of the current user
async Task<Data.LeaderboardUpdate> ReplaceScore( int score, System.Int32[] details )
Submit your score and replace your old score even if it was better
async Task<Data.LeaderboardUpdate> SubmitScoreAsync( int score, System.Int32[] details )
Submit your new score, but won't replace your high score if it's lower