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Exposes a wide range of information and actions for applications and Downloadable Content (DLC).


Gets the Steam ID of the original owner of the current app. If it's different from the current user then it is borrowed..
static SteamId AppOwner { get; }
Gets a list of the languages the current app supports.
static System.String[] AvailableLanguages { get; }
Gets the buildid of this app, may change at any time based on backend updates to the game. Defaults to 0 if you're not running a build downloaded from steam.
static int BuildId { get; }
Get command line if game was launched via Steam URL, e.g. steam://run/appid//command line/. This method of passing a connect string (used when joining via rich presence, accepting an invite, etc) is preferable to passing the connect string on the opera..
static string CommandLine { get; }
Returns null if we're not on a beta branch, else the name of the branch
static string CurrentBetaName { get; }
Gets the current language that the user has set. This falls back to the Steam UI language if the user hasn't explicitly picked a language for the title.
static string GameLanguage { get; }
Checks whether the current App ID license is for Cyber Cafes.
static bool IsCybercafe { get; }
Checks if the license owned by the user provides low violence depots. Low violence depots are useful for copies sold in countries that have content restrictions
static bool IsLowVoilence { get; }
Checks if the active user is subscribed to the current App ID
static bool IsSubscribed { get; }
Check if user borrowed this game via Family Sharing, If true, call GetAppOwner() to get the lender SteamID
static bool IsSubscribedFromFamilySharing { get; }
Checks if the user is subscribed to the current app through a free weekend This function will return false for users who have a retail or other type of license Before using, please ask your Valve technical contact how to package and secure your free we..
static bool IsSubscribedFromFreeWeekend { get; }
CChecks if the user has a VAC ban on their account
static bool IsVACBanned { get; }


Gets the install folder for a specific AppID. This works even if the application is not installed, based on where the game would be installed with the default Steam library location.
static string AppInstallDir( AppId appid );
Gets the download progress for optional DLC.
static Data.DownloadProgress DlcDownloadProgress( AppId appid );
Returns metadata for all available DLC
static IEnumerable<Data.DlcInformation> DlcInformation();
Asynchronously retrieves metadata details about a specific file in the depot manifest. Currently provides:
static async Task<Data.FileDetails> GetFileDetailsAsync( string filename );
Gets the associated launch parameter if the game is run via steam://run/appid/?param1=value1;param2=value2;param3=value3 etc. Parameter names starting with the character '@' are reserved for internal use and will always return an empty string. Paramete..
static string GetLaunchParam( string param );
Install/Uninstall control for optional DLC
static void InstallDlc( AppId appid );
Gets a list of all installed depots for a given App ID in mount order
static IEnumerable<Data.DepotId> InstalledDepots( AppId appid );
The app may not actually be owned by the current user, they may have it left over from a free weekend, etc.
static bool IsAppInstalled( AppId appid );
Checks if the user owns a specific DLC and if the DLC is installed
static bool IsDlcInstalled( AppId appid );
Checks if the active user is subscribed to a specified AppId. Only use this if you need to check ownership of another game related to yours, a demo for example.
static bool IsSubscribedToApp( AppId appid );
Allows you to force verify game content on next launch. If you detect the game is out-of-date(for example, by having the client detect a version mismatch with a server), you can call use MarkContentCorrupt to force a verify, show a message to the u..
static void MarkContentCorrupt( bool missingFilesOnly );
Returns the time of the purchase of the app
static System.DateTime PurchaseTime( AppId appid );
Install/Uninstall control for optional DLC
static void UninstallDlc( AppId appid );

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