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<type category="class" namespace="Steamworks.Data" name="PingLocation" is="struct">⤶ <summary>Object that describes a "location" on the Internet with sufficient⤶ detail that we can reasonably estimate an upper bound on the ping between⤶ the two hosts, even if a direct route between the hosts is not possible,⤶ and the connection must be routed through the Steam Datagram Relay network.⤶ This does not contain any information that identifies the host. Indeed,⤶ if two hosts are in the same building or otherwise have nearly identical⤶ networking characteristics, then it's valid to use the same location⤶ object for both of them.⤶ ⤶ NOTE: This object should only be used in the same process! Do not serialize it,⤶ send it over the wire, or persist it in a file or database! If you need⤶ to do that, convert it to a string representation using the methods in⤶ ISteamNetworkingUtils().</summary>⤶ </type>⤶ <category>deleted</category>