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<member category="class" type="method" namespace="Steamworks" parent="InventoryResult" name="Serialize">⤶ <return type="byte[]"></return>⤶ <summary>Serialized result sets contain a short signature which can't be forged or replayed across different game sessions.⤶ A result set can be serialized on the local client, transmitted to other players via your game networking, and ⤶ deserialized by the remote players.This is a secure way of preventing hackers from lying about posessing ⤶ rare/high-value items. Serializes a result set with signature bytes to an output buffer.The size of a serialized ⤶ result depends on the number items which are being serialized.When securely transmitting items to other players, ⤶ it is recommended to use GetItemsByID first to create a minimal result set.⤶ Results have a built-in timestamp which will be considered "expired" after an hour has elapsed.See DeserializeResult⤶ for expiration handling.</summary>⤶ </member>⤶