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<member type="property" namespace="Steamworks" parent="SteamScreenshots" name="Hooked" static="true">⤶ <return type="bool"></return>⤶ <get public="true""></get>⤶ <set public="true""></set>⤶ <summary>Toggles whether the overlay handles screenshots when the user presses the screenshot hotkey, or if the game handles them.⤶ Hooking is disabled by default, and only ever enabled if you do so with this function.⤶ If the hooking is enabled, then the ScreenshotRequested_t callback will be sent if the user presses the hotkey or ⤶ when TriggerScreenshot is called, and then the game is expected to call WriteScreenshot or AddScreenshotToLibrary in response.</summary>⤶ </member>⤶