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ENTITY:Use( Entity activator, Entity caller, number useType, number value )


Called when another entity uses this entity, example would be a player pressing "+use" this entity.

To change how often the function is called, see Entity:SetUseType.

This hook only works for "nextbot", "ai" and "anim" scripted entity types.


1 Entity activator
The entity that caused this input. This will usually be the player who pressed their use key
2 Entity caller
The entity responsible for the input. This will typically be the same as activator unless some other entity is acting as a proxy
3 number useType
Use type, see Enums/USE.
4 number value
Any passed value.


Kills any player that uses this entity.

function ENT:Use( activator ) if activator:IsPlayer() then activator:Kill() end end

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