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  table Entity:GetSequenceInfo( number sequenceId )


Returns a table of information about an entity's sequence.


1 number sequenceId
The sequence id of the entity.


1 table
Table of information about the entity's sequence, or nil is ID is out of range. See SequenceInfo structure.


Draw each player's current sequence bounding box with sequence name, activity number, and activity name above their head.

hook.Add( "PostPlayerDraw", "Sequence_Name", function( ply ) local seqinfo = ply:GetSequenceInfo( ply:GetSequence() ) seqinfo.player = ply render.DrawWireframeBox( ply:GetPos(), ply:GetAngles(), seqinfo.bbmin, seqinfo.bbmax, color_white, true ) end ) hook.Add( "HUDPaint", "Sequence_Name", function() for _, ply in ipairs( player.GetAll() ) do local seqinfo = ply:GetSequenceInfo( ply:GetSequence() ) local textpos = ( ply:GetPos() + Vector( 0, 0, seqinfo.bbmax.z + 10 ) ):ToScreen() if textpos.visible then draw.SimpleText( seqinfo.label, "GModNotify", textpos.x, textpos.y, color_white, TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER ) draw.SimpleText( seqinfo.activity .. ": " .. seqinfo.activityname, "GModNotify", textpos.x, textpos.y + 20, color_white, TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER ) end end end )