Garry's Mod Wiki


  Player:SetFOV( number fov, number time = 0, Entity requester = self )


Set a player's FOV (Field Of View) over a certain amount of time.

This is meant to be called on the server or shared (for prediction), it will have no effect if called clientside only. You may want to use GM:CalcView for that instead.


1 number fov
the angle of perception (FOV). Set to 0 to return to default user FOV. ( Which is ranging from 75 to 90, depending on user settings )
2 number time = 0
the time it takes to transition to the FOV expressed in a floating point.
3 Entity requester = self
The requester or "owner" of the zoom event. Only this entity will be able to change the player's FOV until it is set back to 0.