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HUD Element List

This is a list of all the HUD elements that you can block with GM:HUDShouldDraw.

These elements are known to work in Garry's Mod. The hook will always be called for those elements unless stated otherwise.

Name Description
CHudAmmo Primary ammo counter.
CHudBattery The armor meter. This is only called if players armor is above 0.
CHudChat The default chat box. Hiding this element will cause players view angles to snap to a random angle when they try to open the chat.
CHudCrosshair The default SWEP and HL2 weapon crosshair.
CHudCloseCaption Close captions
CHudDamageIndicator The damage indicator from Half-Life 2, active only when visible.
CHudDeathNotice The death notice panel.

This will not do anything in Garry's Mod because the kill feed is painted in Lua.
CHudGeiger Geiger counter from Half-Life 2. Only active when the sound plays. Hiding this stops the sound.
CHudGMod The GetHUDPanel. Hiding this will hide anything rendered with GM:HUDPaint, GM:HUDPaintBackground and GM:HUDDrawScoreBoard
CHudHealth The health meter.
CHudHintDisplay The key hint display? Disabled in Garry's Mod by default
CHudMenu The main menu.
Hiding this will cause the player to not be able to open their main menu or console.
CHudPoisonDamageIndicator The "Neurotoxin Detected" HUD above Health when you get hit by a poison headcrab.
CHudSecondaryAmmo Secondary ammo counter ( SMG1 grenades, AR2 energy balls )
CHudSquadStatus Citizen Squad status HUD from Half-Life 2. Only called if citizens follow you.
CHudTrain Possibly the controls HUD for controllable func_tracktrain.
CHudVehicle Crosshair for jeep and airboat when gun is mounted.
CHudWeaponSelection The weapon selection panel.

Hiding this will also disable capability to switch weapons for the client.
CHudZoom Suit zoom from Half-Life 2.

Only called if visible ( +zoom bind ). Hiding this does not prevent zooming.
NetGraph The netgraph. Only works if net_graph convar is above 0
CHUDQuickInfo Health and ammo near crosshair. Only works if hud_quickinfo convar is above 0
CHudSuitPower HEV Suit power.

These elements are confirmed to be not working in Garry's Mod. The hook will not be called for these elements.

Name Description
CTargetID The text when you aim at a player. Disabled in Garry's Mod because this is painted in Lua; see GM:HUDDrawTargetID instead.
CHudHistoryResource HL2 item pickup history. Disabled in Garry's Mod because this is painted in Lua; see GM:HUDItemPickedUp instead.
This is still called when you pick up health/suit power/etc.
CHudLocator Jalopy HUD radar/locator from Half-Life 2: Episode 2.
CHudFlashlight Flashlight HUD from Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

These elements are unknown whether they work or not in Garry's Mod.

Name Description
CHudCommentary Developer commentary panel as seen in Half-Life 2 and other Source Engine games.
CHudCredits Half-Life 2 credits overlay panel from the end of the game. This does work in Garry's Mod but will not be called with GM:HUDShouldDraw

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