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Enumerations describing certain spawnflags. Everything except for SF_PHYS* and SF_WEAPON* is serverside only.

Spawnflags are set using Entity:SetKeyValue with "spawnflags" as the key.

  • SF_CITIZEN_* spawnflags represent spawnflags only usable on npc_citizen.
  • SF_NPC_* - Usable on all NPCs
  • SF_PHYSBOX_* - Usable on func_physbox
  • SF_PHYSPROP_* - Usable on prop_physics entities
  • SF_WEAPON_* - Usable on Weapons
This is not a full list of available spawnflags, there are a lot more, each unique to each entity, you can find out more on the Valve Developer Community website for the entities in question.


SF_CITIZEN_AMMORESUPPLIER524288Citizen that resupplies ammo
SF_CITIZEN_FOLLOW65536"Follow the player as soon as I spawn"
SF_CITIZEN_IGNORE_SEMAPHORE2097152"Work outside the speech semaphore system"
SF_CITIZEN_MEDIC131072Makes the citizen a medic
SF_CITIZEN_NOT_COMMANDABLE1048576Citizen cannot join players squad, and will not able to be commanded by the Half-Life 2 command system for Citizens
SF_CITIZEN_RANDOM_HEAD262144Gives the citizen a random head
SF_CITIZEN_RANDOM_HEAD_FEMALE8388608Gives the citizen a random female head
SF_CITIZEN_RANDOM_HEAD_MALE4194304Gives the citizen a random male head
SF_CITIZEN_USE_RENDER_BOUNDS16777216"Use render bounds instead of human hull for guys sitting in chairs, etc". Must be set before Spawn() is called to take effect
SF_FLOOR_TURRET_CITIZEN512Makes the floor turret friendly
SF_NPC_ALTCOLLISION4096Do Alternate collision for this NPC (player avoidance)
SF_NPC_DROP_HEALTHKIT8NPC Drops health kit when it dies
SF_NPC_FALL_TO_GROUND4If not set, means teleport to ground
SF_NPC_GAG2No IDLE sounds until angry
SF_NPC_LONG_RANGE256Long Visibility/Shoot
SF_NPC_NO_PLAYER_PUSHAWAY16384Ignore player push - Don't give way to player
SF_NPC_NO_WEAPON_DROP8192NPC Doesn't drop weapon on death
SF_NPC_START_EFFICIENT16Don't acquire enemies or avoid obstacles
SF_NPC_TEMPLATE2048This entity is a template for the npc_template_maker. It will not spawn automatically and cannot be used with point_template.
SF_NPC_WAIT_FOR_SCRIPT128Wait for script
SF_NPC_WAIT_TILL_SEEN1Wait till seen
SF_PHYSBOX_MOTIONDISABLED32768If set, calls PhysObj:EnableMotion( false ) on the func_physbox when the physics are created
SF_PHYSBOX_ALWAYS_PICK_UP1048576Gravity gun is ALWAYS allowed to pick this up.
SF_PHYSBOX_NEVER_PICK_UP2097152Gravity gun is NOT allowed to pick this up.
SF_PHYSBOX_NEVER_PUNT4194304Gravity gun is NOT allowed to punt this entity.
SF_PHYSPROP_MOTIONDISABLED8If set, calls PhysObj:EnableMotion( false ) on the func_physbox when the physics are created. See Physics optimization.
SF_PHYSPROP_PREVENT_PICKUP512Prevent that physbox from being picked up.
SF_PHYSPROP_IS_GIB4194304This flag is set if the entity is gib.
SF_ROLLERMINE_FRIENDLY65536Makes the rollermine friendly.
SF_WEAPON_START_CONSTRAINED1If set before Entity:Spawn, the weapon will be constrained and will not simply fall to the ground.
SF_WEAPON_NO_PLAYER_PICKUP2Player is NOT allowed to pick this up.
SF_WEAPON_NO_PHYSCANNON_PUNT4Physgun is NOT allowed to pick this up.