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Lua Error Logging

Lua error logging

Sometimes it is useful for server owners to receive and log Lua errors that occur on their servers.

This can be done via the lua_error_url console variable on the server.

Setting the ConVar to a link will cause the clients connected to the server and the server itself report all Lua errors they encounter to the given URL via a POST request.

Data format

Each POST request will have the following data in its body, formatted as GET parameters:

key description
error The error string itself
stack The stack trace of the error
realm Which Lua realm produced the error, possible values are: server, client
addon The ID of the Workshop addon this error was caused by, if the game was able to determine that, 0 otherwise
hash CRC32 hash of the error+stack+realm+addon fields
gamemode The currently running gamemode of the server (folder name), example: sandbox
gmv The version of the game, example: 2020.05.20
os The operating system of the client/server the error happened on, possible values are windows, osx, linux
ds Whether this error happened on a dedicated server (true), or on a listen server/singleplayer (false)
v Version of the lua_error_url system, this will always be 4