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CSoundPatch class.

Created with CreateSound


CSoundPatch:ChangePitch( number pitch, number deltaTime = 0 )
Adjust the pitch, alias the speed at which the sound is being played. This invokes the GM:EntityEmitSound.
CSoundPatch:ChangeVolume( number volume, number deltaTime = 0 )
Adjusts the volume of the sound played. Appears to only work while the sound is being played.
CSoundPatch:FadeOut( number seconds )
Fades out the volume of the sound from the current volume to 0 in the given amount of seconds.
number CSoundPatch:GetDSP()
Returns the DSP ( Digital Signal Processor ) effect for the sound.
number CSoundPatch:GetPitch()
Returns the current pitch.
number CSoundPatch:GetSoundLevel()
Returns the current sound level.
number CSoundPatch:GetVolume()
Returns the current volume.
boolean CSoundPatch:IsPlaying()
Returns whenever the sound is being played.
Starts to play the sound. This will reset the sound's volume and pitch to their default values. See CSoundPatch:PlayEx
CSoundPatch:PlayEx( number volume, number pitch )
Same as CSoundPatch:Play but with 2 extra arguments allowing to set volume and pitch directly.
CSoundPatch:SetDSP( number dsp )
Sets the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) effect for the sound. Similar to Player:SetDSP but for individual sounds.
CSoundPatch:SetSoundLevel( number level )
Sets the sound level in decibel.
Stops the sound from being played. This will not work if the entity attached to this sound patch (specified by CreateSound) is invalid. Issue Tracker: 3260