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  Schedule:AddTask( string taskname, any taskdata )


Adds a task to the schedule. See also Schedule:AddTaskEx if you wish to customize task start and run function names.

See also ENTITY:StartSchedule, NPC:StartEngineTask, and NPC:RunEngineTask.


1 string taskname
Custom task name
2 any taskdata
Task data to be passed into the NPC's functions


This creates a new schedule with a task named "HelloWorld" that is defined to print the taskdata passed in.

local schdHello = ai_schedule.New( "SayHello" ) schdHello:AddTask( "HelloWorld", "HELLO" ) -- Called when the task is initiated (started) function ENT:TaskStart_HelloWorld( data ) print(data) -- Set a variable that is 5 seconds in the future so the task can complete when we tick past it self.TaskEndTime = CurTime() + 5 end -- Called every think until the task is completed function ENT:Task_HelloWorld(data) print( data, "again" ) -- Check if the 5 seconds have passed if CurTime() < self.TaskEndTime then self:TaskComplete() end end
Output: Prints "HELLO" in the console, then prints "HELLO again" on every NPC think until 5 seconds have passed.