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AddCSLuaFile( string file = "current file" )


Marks a Lua file to be sent to clients when they join the server. Doesn't do anything on the client - this means you can use it in a shared file without problems.

If the file trying to be added is empty, an error will occur, and the file will not be sent to the client.
The string cannot have whitespace.
This function is not needed for scripts located in lua/autorun/ and lua/autorun/client/: they are automatically sent to clients.
You can add up to 8192 files.


1 string file = "current file"
The name/path to the Lua file that should be sent, relative to the garrysmod/lua folder. If no parameter is specified, it sends the current file.

The file path can be relative to the script it is ran from. For example, if your script is in lua/myfolder/stuff.lua, calling AddCSLuaFile("otherstuff.lua") and AddCSLuaFile("myfolder/otherstuff.lua") is the same thing.


Adds the cl_init.lua file in the "lua" folder to be downloaded by connecting clients. This is required, and is normally done in init.lua.

AddCSLuaFile( "cl_init.lua" )


Adds the current file to the list of files to be downloaded by clients. This is usually done at the top of a shared file.

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