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  GM:PlayerLeaveVehicle( Player ply, Vehicle veh )


Called when a player leaves a vehicle for any reason, including Player:ExitVehicle.

See GM:PlayerEnteredVehicle for the opposite hook.

For vehicles with exit animations, this will be called at the end of the animation, not at the start!


1 Player ply
Player who left a vehicle.
2 Vehicle veh
Vehicle the player left.


Make the vehicle continue running (or more precisely start its engine again) when a player exists it, unless the player holds their Reload key.

hook.Add( "PlayerLeaveVehicle", "PlayerLeaveVehicleTurnOn", function( ply, veh ) if ( ply:KeyDown( IN_RELOAD ) ) then return end -- We need to wait a few frames for the vehicle to stop working timer.Create( "magic timer" .. veh:EntIndex(), 0, 2, function() -- Only run on the last time the timer is fired if ( timer.RepsLeft( "magic timer" .. veh:EntIndex() ) > 0 ) then return end veh:StartEngine( true ) -- Start the engine back up veh:ReleaseHandbrake() -- Release the handbrake end ) end )