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SOLID_NONE0Does not collide with anything.
No physics object will be created when using this with Entity:PhysicsInit.
SOLID_BSP1The entity has a brush model defined by the map. Does not collide with other SOLID_BSP entities.
SOLID_BBOX2Uses the entity's axis-aligned bounding box for collisions.
SOLID_OBB3Uses the entity's object-aligned bounding box for collisions.
SOLID_OBB_YAW4Same as SOLID_OBB but restricts orientation to the Z-axis.
Seems to be broken.
SOLID_CUSTOM5Always call the entity's ICollideable::TestCollision method for traces regardless of the presence of FSOLID_CUSTOMRAYTEST or FSOLID_CUSTOMBOXTEST. This will only be called back to Lua as ENTITY:TestCollision for "anim" type SENTs.
SOLID_VPHYSICS6Uses the PhysObjects of the entity.