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Path object for a NextBot NPC and bots created by player.CreateNextbot. Returned by Path.


PathFollower:Chase( NextBot bot, Entity ent )
If you created your path with type "Chase" this functions should be used in place of PathFollower:Update to cause the bot to chase the specified entity.
boolean PathFollower:Compute( NextBot bot, Vector goal, function generator = nil )
Compute shortest path from bot to 'goal' via A* algorithm.
Draws the path. This is meant for debugging - and uses debugoverlay.
table PathFollower:FirstSegment()
Returns the first segment of the path.
number PathFollower:GetAge()
Returns the age since the path was built
table PathFollower:GetAllSegments()
Returns all of the segments of the given path.
Vector PathFollower:GetClosestPosition( Vector position )
The closest position along the path to a position
table PathFollower:GetCurrentGoal()
Returns the current goal data. Can return nil if the current goal is invalid, for example immediately after PathFollower:Update.
table PathFollower:GetCursorData()
Returns the cursor data
number PathFollower:GetCursorPosition()
Returns the current progress along the path
Vector PathFollower:GetEnd()
Returns the path end position
number PathFollower:GetGoalTolerance()
Returns how close we can get to the goal to call it done.
Entity PathFollower:GetHindrance()
number PathFollower:GetLength()
Returns the total length of the path
Returns the minimum range movement goal must be along path.
Vector PathFollower:GetPositionOnPath( number distance )
Returns the vector position of distance along path
Vector PathFollower:GetStart()
Returns the path start position
Invalidates the current path
boolean PathFollower:IsValid()
Returns true if the path is valid
table PathFollower:LastSegment()
Returns the last segment of the path.
PathFollower:MoveCursor( number distance )
Moves the cursor by give distance. For a function that sets the distance, see PathFollower:MoveCursorTo.
PathFollower:MoveCursorTo( number distance )
Sets the cursor position to given distance. For relative distance, see PathFollower:MoveCursor.
PathFollower:MoveCursorToClosestPosition( Vector pos, number type = 0, number alongLimit = 0 )
Moves the cursor of the path to the closest position compared to given vector.
Moves the cursor to the end of the path
Moves the cursor to the end of the path
table PathFollower:NextSegment()
Returns the next segment of the path.
table PathFollower:PriorSegment()
Returns the previous segment of the path.
Resets the age which is retrieved by PathFollower:GetAge to 0.
PathFollower:SetGoalTolerance( number distance )
How close we can get to the goal to call it done
PathFollower:SetMinLookAheadDistance( number mindist )
Sets minimum range movement goal must be along path
PathFollower:Update( NextBot bot )
Move the bot along the path.