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  CEffectData:SetFlags( number flags )


Sets the flags of the effect. Can be used to change the appearance of a MuzzleFlash effect.

Example values for MuzzleFlash effect

Flags Description
1 Regular muzzleflash
5 Combine muzzleflash
7 Regular muzzle but bigger
Internally stored as an integer, but only first 8 bits are networked, effectively limiting this function to 0-255 range.


1 number flags
The flags of the effect. Each effect has their own flags.


local ef = EffectData() ef:SetEntity( self ) ef:SetAttachment( 1 ) -- self:LookupAttachment( "muzzle" ) ef:SetFlags( 5 ) -- Sets the Combine AR2 Muzzle flash util.Effect( "MuzzleFlash", ef )