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  RunGameUICommand( string command )


Runs a menu command. Equivalent to RunConsoleCommand( "gamemenucommand", command ) unless the command starts with the "engine" keyword in which case it is equivalent to RunConsoleCommand( command ).


1 string command
The menu command to run

Should be one of the following:

  • Disconnect - Disconnects from the current server.
  • OpenBenchmarkDialog - Opens the "Video Hardware Stress Test" dialog.
  • OpenChangeGameDialog - Does not work in GMod.
  • OpenCreateMultiplayerGameDialog - Opens the Source dialog for creating a listen server.
  • OpenCustomMapsDialog - Does nothing.
  • OpenFriendsDialog - Does nothing.
  • OpenGameMenu - Does not work in GMod.
  • OpenLoadCommentaryDialog - Opens the "Developer Commentary" selection dialog. Useless in GMod.
  • OpenLoadDemoDialog - Does nothing.
  • OpenLoadGameDialog - Opens the Source "Load Game" dialog.
  • OpenNewGameDialog - Opens the "New Game" dialog. Useless in GMod.
  • OpenOptionsDialog - Opens the options dialog.
  • OpenPlayerListDialog - Opens the "Mute Players" dialog that shows all players connected to the server and allows to mute them.
  • OpenSaveGameDialog - Opens the Source "Save Game" dialog.
  • OpenServerBrowser - Opens the legacy server browser.
  • Quit - Quits the game without confirmation (unlike other Source games).
  • QuitNoConfirm - Quits the game without confirmation (like other Source games).
  • ResumeGame - Closes the menu and returns to the game.
  • engine <concommand> - Runs a console command. Unlike RunConsoleCommand( <concommand> ) It will ignore Blocked ConCommands


Opens the options dialog.

RunGameUICommand( "OpenOptionsDialog" )


Hides the game UI (menu). Equivalent to RunConsoleCommand( "gameui_hide" )

RunGameUICommand( "engine gameui_hide" )