Garry's Mod Wiki


Used primarily for adding new soundscript entries.


sound.Add( table soundData )
Creates a sound script. It can also override sounds, which seems to only work when set on the server. You can find a list of common sound scripts that are shipped with the game by default here: Common Sounds. A list of sound scripts can be retrieved with sound. GetTable.
sound.AddSoundOverrides( string filepath )
Overrides sounds defined inside of a txt file; typically used for adding map-specific sounds.
sound.EmitHint( number hint, Vector pos, number volume, number duration, Entity owner = NULL )
Emits a sound hint to the game elements to react to, for example to repel or attract antlions.
sound.Generate( string indentifier, number samplerate, number length, function callback )
Creates a sound from a function.
Returns the most dangerous/closest sound hint based on given location and types of sounds to sense.
table sound.GetProperties( string name )
Returns properties of the soundscript.
table sound.GetTable()
Returns a list of all registered sound scripts. New ones can be registered using sound. Add, and detailed information about each one can be retrieved via sound. GetProperties.
sound.Play( string snd, Vector pos, number level = 75, number pitch = 100, number volume = 1, number dsp = 0 )
Plays a sound from the specified position in the world. If you want to play a sound without a position, such as a UI sound, use surface. PlaySound instead. This function is similar to EmitSound, but with less options.
sound.PlayFile( string path, string flags, function callback )
Plays a file from GMod directory. You can find a list of all error codes here For external file/stream playback, see sound. PlayURL. This fails for looping . wav files in 3D mode. Issue Tracker: 1752This fails with unicode file names. Issue Tracker: 2304
sound.PlayURL( string url, string flags, function callback )
Allows you to play external sound files, as well as online radio streams. You can find a list of all error codes here For offline file playback, see sound. PlayFile. Due to a bug with BASS, AAC codec streams cannot be played in 3D mode. Issue Tracker: 2296