Garry's Mod Wiki


Used primarily for adding new soundscript entries.


sound.Add( table soundData )
Creates a sound script. It can also override sounds, which seems to only work when set on the server.
sound.AddSoundOverrides( string filepath )
Overrides sounds defined inside of a txt file; typically used for adding map-specific sounds.
sound.EmitHint( number hint, Vector pos, number volume, number duration, Entity owner = NULL )
Emits a sound hint to the game elements to react to, for example to repel or attract antlions.
sound.Generate( string indentifier, number samplerate, number length, function callback )
Creates a sound from a function.
table sound.GetLoudestSoundHint( number types, Vector pos )
Returns the most dangerous/closest sound hint based on given location and types of sounds to sense.
table sound.GetProperties( string name )
Returns properties of the soundscript.
table sound.GetTable()
Returns a list of all registered sound scripts.
sound.Play( string Name, Vector Pos, number Level, number Pitch, number Volume )
Plays a sound from the specified position in the world. If you want to play a sound without a position, such as a UI sound, use surface. PlaySound instead.
sound.PlayFile( string path, string flags, function callback )
Plays a file from GMod directory. You can find a list of all error codes here For external file/stream playback, see sound.PlayURL. This fails for looping .wav files in 3D mode.Issue Tracker: 1752This fails with unicode file names.Issue Tracker: 2304
sound.PlayURL( string url, string flags, function callback )
Allows you to play external sound files, as well as online radio streams. You can find a list of all error codes here For offline file playback, see sound.PlayFile. Due to a bug with BASS, AAC codec streams cannot be played in 3D mode.Issue Tracker: 2296