Garry's Mod Wiki




label [string]

Name of the sequence.

activityname [string]

Name of the activity this sequence is attached to.

activity [number]

The activity ID associated with this sequence. See Enums/ACT.

actweight [number]

How likely this sequence is to be picked when playing an activity its attached to. -1 means this is the only sequence for that activity. (needs validation)

flags [number]

The looping and other flags of this sequence.

numevents [number]

Number of animation events this sequence has.

numblends [number]

bbmin [number]

Mins part of the bounding box for this sequence

bbmax [number]

Maxs part of the bounding box for this sequence

fadeintime [number]

ideal cross fade in time (0.2 default)

fadeouttime [number]

ideal cross fade out time (0.2 default)

localentrynode [number]

transition node at entry

localexitnode [number]

transition node at exit

nodeflags [number]

Transition rules

lastframe [number]

Frame that should generate EndOFSequence

nextseq [number]

If non 0, the next sequence for auto advancing sequences

pose [number]

cycleposeindex [number]

If non 0, index of pose parameter to be used as cycle index. This means that the sequence playback will be controlled by a pose parameter.

anims [table]

A 1-based array of all animationIDs associated with this sequence. For use with Entity:GetAnimInfo.