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  table DynamicLight( number index, boolean elight = false )


Creates or replaces a dynamic light with the given id.

Only 32 dlights and 64 elights can be active at once.
It is not safe to hold a reference to this object after creation since its data can be replaced by another dlight at any time.
The minlight parameter affects the world and entities differently.

Issue Tracker: 3798


1 number index
An unsigned Integer. Usually an entity index is used here.
2 boolean elight = false
Allocates an elight instead of a dlight. Elights have a higher light limit and do not light the world (making the "noworld" parameter have no effect).


1 table
A DynamicLight structured table. See DynamicLight structure


Emits a bright white light from local players eyes.

hook.Add( "Think", "Think_Lights!", function() local dlight = DynamicLight( LocalPlayer():EntIndex() ) if ( dlight ) then dlight.pos = LocalPlayer():GetShootPos() dlight.r = 255 dlight.g = 255 dlight.b = 255 dlight.brightness = 2 dlight.decay = 1000 dlight.size = 256 dlight.dietime = CurTime() + 1 end end )