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table hook.GetTable()


Returns a list of all the hooks registered with hook.Add.


1 table
A table of tables. See below for output example.


Example of output table structure.

Output: EntityNetworkedVarChanged: NetworkedVars = function: 0x1098ef38 EntityRemoved: DoDieFunction = function: 0x253b2650 nocollide_fix = function: 0x3f934a90 InitPostEntity: PersistenceInit = function: 0x02b6e2c0 LoadGModSave: LoadGModSave = function: 0x1098a680 OnEntityCreated: map_sethelinpcnode = function: 0x3ffe3568 OnViewModelChanged: Entity [40][gmod_hands] = function: 0x403478a0 PersistenceLoad: PersistenceLoad = function: 0x10961cd0 PersistenceSave: PersistenceSave = function: 0x253d8f08 PlayerInitialSpawn: PlayerAuthSpawn = function: 0x02b63398 PlayerTick: TickWidgets = function: 0x10986c40 PostDrawEffects: RenderWidgets = function: 0x10979af8 ShutDown: SavePersistenceOnShutdown = function: 0x10950c18

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