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  cvars.AddChangeCallback( string name, function callback, string identifier = "nil" )


Adds a callback to be called when the named convar changes.

This does not callback convars in the menu state.

Issue Tracker: 1440
This does not callback convars on the client with FCVAR_GAMEDLL and convars on the server without FCVAR_GAMEDLL.

Issue Tracker: 3503
This does not callback convars on the client with FCVAR_REPLICATED.

Issue Tracker: 3740


1 string name
The name of the convar to add the change callback to.
2 function callback
The function to be called when the convar changes. The arguments passed are:

  • string convar - The name of the convar.
  • string oldValue - The old value of the convar.
  • string newValue - The new value of the convar.
3 string identifier = "nil"
If set, you will be able to remove the callback using cvars.RemoveChangeCallback.


Called when convar changes.

cvars.AddChangeCallback("convar name", function(convar_name, value_old, value_new) print(convar_name, value_old, value_new) end)
Output: "convar name" 2 5

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