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undo.AddFunction( function func, vararg arguments )


Adds a function to call when the current undo block is undone


1 function func
The function to call
2 vararg arguments
Arguments to pass to the function (after the undo info table)


This example creates a prop_physics, and adds it to the players undo list. A message will be printed to console about it.

prop = ents.Create("prop_physics") prop:SetModel("models/props_junk/wood_crate001a.mdl") prop:Spawn() undo.Create("prop") undo.AddEntity(prop) undo.AddFunction(function(tab, arg2) print(tab.Owner:GetName().." removed prop "[1]:GetModel()..", code: "..arg2) end, 556) undo.SetPlayer(ply) undo.Finish()
Output: "PlayerName removed prop models/props_junk/wood_crate001a.mdl, code: 556" will be printed

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