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  concommand.Add( string name, function callback, function autoComplete = nil, string helpText = nil, number flags = 0 )


Creates a console command that runs a function in lua with optional autocompletion function and help text.

This will fail if the concommand was previously removed with concommand.Remove in a different realm (creating a command on the client that was removed from the server and vice-versa).

Issue Tracker: 1183


1 string name
The command name to be used in console.

This cannot be a name of existing console command or console variable. It will silently fail if it is.

2 function callback
The function to run when the concommand is executed. Arguments passed are:
  • Player ply - The player that ran the concommand. NULL entity if command was entered with the dedicated server console.
  • string cmd - The concommand string (if one callback is used for several concommands).
  • table args - A table of all string arguments.
  • string argStr - The arguments as a string.
3 function autoComplete = nil
The function to call which should return a table of options for autocompletion. (Autocompletion Tutorial)

This only properly works on the client since it is not networked. Arguments passed are:

  • string cmd - The concommand this autocompletion is for.
  • string args - The arguments typed so far.
4 string helpText = nil
The text to display should a user run 'help cmdName'.
5 number flags = 0
Concommand modifier flags. See FCVAR enum.


Adds a concommand killyourself which will kill the user.

concommand.Add( "killyourself", function( ply, cmd, args ) ply:Kill() print( "You killed yourself!" ) end )


A concommand that prints the SteamID and nickname of every player on the server.

concommand.Add( "retrieveplayers", function() for _, ply in ipairs( player.GetAll() ) do print( ply:Nick() .. ", " .. ply:SteamID() .. "\n" ) end end )