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File Search Paths

File Search Paths

Here is a list of file search paths for use by the file.

Search Paths
"GAME" Structured like base folder (garrysmod/), searches all the mounted content (main folder, addons, mounted games, etc)
"LUA" All Lua folders (lua/) including gamemodes and addons
"lcl" All Lua files and subfolders (lua/) visible to the client state.
"lsv" All Lua files and subfolders (lua/) visible to the server state.
"LuaMenu" All Lua files and subfolders (lua/) visible to the menu state.
"DATA" Data folder (garrysmod/data)
"DOWNLOAD" Downloads folder (garrysmod/download/)
"MOD" Strictly the game folder (garrysmod/), ignores mounting.
"BASE_PATH" Location of the root folder (where hl2.exe, bin and etc. are)
"EXECUTABLE_PATH" Bin folder and root folder
"THIRDPARTY" Contains content from installed addons or gamemodes.
"WORKSHOP" Contains only the content from workshop addons. This includes all mounted .gma files.
<mounted folder> Strictly within the folder of a mounted game specified, e.g. "cstrike"
<mounted Workshop addon title> <deprecated></deprecated> Strictly within the specified Workshop addon. See engine.GetAddons.

For a more comprehensive list of paths accessible via the above Search Paths, plus additional paths such as episodic, hl2mp, lostcoast, tf, etc.. depending on mounted content and addons, use the console command: path which outputs a large list of all of the paths accessible for each id.

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