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  ENTITY:RenderOverride( number flags )


Called instead of the engine drawing function of the entity. This hook works on any entity (scripted or not) it is applied on.

This does not work on "physgun_beam", use GM:DrawPhysgunBeam instead.

As a downside of this implementation, only one RenderOverride may be applied at a time.
Drawing a viewmodel in this function will cause GM:PreDrawViewModel, WEAPON:PreDrawViewModel, WEAPON:ViewModelDrawn, GM:PostDrawViewModel, and WEAPON:PostDrawViewModel to be called twice.

Issue Tracker: 3292
This is called before PrePlayerDraw for players. If this function exists at all on a player, their worldmodel will always be rendered regardless of PrePlayerDraw's return.

Issue Tracker: 3299


1 number flags
The STUDIO_ flags for this render operation.


Set the entity the player is looking at to not draw if the player is its owner.

local function DontDrawMe( self ) if ( self:GetOwner() == LocalPlayer() ) then return end self:DrawModel() end local pickent = LocalPlayer():GetEyeTrace().Entity if ( IsValid( pickent ) ) then pickent.RenderOverride = DontDrawMe end