Garry's Mod Wiki


  boolean ENTITY:CanTool( Player ply, table tr, string toolname, table tool, number button )


Controls if a tool can be used on this entity or not.

This hook will only work in Sandbox derived gamemodes that do not have SANDBOX:CanTool overridden.

This hook will work on ALL entities, not just the scripted ones (SENTs)


1 Player ply
Player, that tried to use the tool
2 table tr
The trace of the tool. See TraceResult.
3 string toolname
Class of the tool that is tried to use, for example - weld
4 table tool
The tool mode table the player currently has selected.
5 number button
The tool button pressed.


1 boolean
Return false to disallow using that tool on this entity, return true to allow.


Prevents usage of the remover tool on this entity.

function ENT:CanTool( ply, trace, mode, tool, button ) if ( mode == "remover" ) then return false end return true end