Garry's Mod Wiki


Used to ask player for various potentially dangerous permissions.


permissions.AskToConnect( string address )
Requests the player to connect to a specified server. The player will be prompted with a confirmation window.
permissions.Connect( string ip )
Connects player to the server. This is what permissions. AskToConnect uses internally.
permissions.EnableVoiceChat( boolean enable )
Activates player's microphone as if they pressed the speak button themself. The player will be prompted with a confirmation window which grants permission temporarily/permanently(depending on checkbox state) for the connected server (revokable). This is used for TTT's traitor voice channel.
table permissions.GetAll()
Returns all permissions per server. Permanent permissions are stored in settings/permissions. bin.
permissions.Grant( string permission, boolean temporary )
Grants permission to the current connected server.
boolean permissions.IsGranted( string permission )
Returns whether the player has granted the current server a specific permission.
permissions.Revoke( string permission, string ip )
Revokes permission from the server.