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  ENTITY:OnRemove( boolean fullUpdate )


Called when the entity is about to be removed.

See also Entity:CallOnRemove, which can even be used on engine (non-Lua) entities.


Create an explosion when the entity will be removed. To create an entity, you can read ents.Create.

function ENT:OnRemove() local explosion = ents.Create( "env_explosion" ) -- The explosion entity explosion:SetPos( self:GetPos() ) -- Put the position of the explosion at the position of the entity explosion:Spawn() -- Spawn the explosion explosion:SetKeyValue( "iMagnitude", "50" ) -- the magnitude of the explosion explosion:Fire( "Explode", 0, 0 ) -- explode end


1 boolean fullUpdate
Whether the removal is happening due to a full update clientside.

The entity may or may not be recreated immediately after, depending on whether it is in the local player's PVS. (See Entity:IsDormant)

Clientside behaviour remarks

This hook may be called at odd times (when entity has actually not yet been removed from the server). This happens during the "full update" mechanism with the ENTITY:Initialize function not being called even when the entity reappears. Such calls can be differentiated via the fullUpdate argument of this hook. You can debug this behaviour by enabling sv_cheats and running cl_fullupdate on the client.

GM:NotifyShouldTransmit can be used to circumvent this problem. ENTITY:Think can also be used to detect that the entity has reappeared. You may reinitialize any necessary data in these hooks. Another way to fix this problem can be found below.


Another way to circumvent the problem where the client thinks the entity is removed even though it has not is to test if the entity is valid using a tick delay.

function ENT:OnRemove() timer.Simple( 0, function() if not IsValid( self ) then -- Your remove code here end end) end