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This is a complete list of effects available to be used with util.Effect.

Engine Effects

Name Description Used Fields
ManhackSparks A large fountain of sparks Origin, Normal, Angles
TeslaZap Lightning
TeslaHitboxes A load of lightning bolts flying in all directions, hard to get this working properly
CommandPointer The small red dot seen at the end of the hl2 RPGs laser beam
GunshipImpact A small pink pulse of energy, not sure why its named gunshipimpact
Smoke Creates a bunch of messed up smoke that can't be deleted, not recommended Origin, Angles, Entity, Attachment, Color
MuzzleFlash Makes a muzzle flash, SetFlags to change the appearance SetFlags
BoltImpact Creates crossbow bolts that are stuck into walls/objects
RPGShotDown A large yellow flash and a metallic clanging sound
GlassImpact A small spray of glass shards, like when you shoot breakable windows
StunstickImpact A small flash and a few sparks
PhyscannonImpact The orange lightning beam that comes out of the grav gun when you punt something Entity, Origin
HunterMuzzleFlash Exactly what it says it is Entity, Attachment
GunshipMuzzleFlash Exactly what it says it is Entity, Attachment
ChopperMuzzleFlash Exactly what it says it is Entity, Attachment
AirboatMuzzleFlash Exactly what it says it is Entity, Attachment
AR2Impact A small flash of energy on a surface Origin, Normal
AR2Explosion Pulse-rifle-schemed explosion. Origin, Normal, Radius
AR2Tracer Self-describing. Visible from all directions except under it. Origin, Scale, Flags (TRACER_FLAG_WHIZ), Start
HelicopterTracer Similar to GunshipTracer effect
AirboatGunTracer Similar to the Pulse-rifle Tracer, only visible from above.
AirboatGunHeavyTracer Makes a bigger version of the Pulse-rifle Tracer.
GaussTracer Golden fading line
StriderTracer Similar to AR2 tracer
GunshipTracer 2x the size of the pulse-rifle tracer
HelicopterImpact Plays a flesh hit sound in player's game, the AR2impact effect and a sparkles effect.
AirboatGunImpact Makes a wooden, high-pitch "knock" sound
Impact Makes a bullet impact effect, with respective effects for the material Entity, Origin, Start, SurfaceProp, DamageType, HitBox
ImpactGauss Makes a plastic impact sound, no visible effects
ImpactJeep Makes a plastic impact sound, no visible effects
AntlionGib Sprays antlion innards everywhere
CrossbowLoad A small burst of sparks
VortDispel A large green pulse of energy that travels along the ground Origin
ThumperDust A circle of dust that spreads outward Origin, Scale, Entity
StriderBlood Looks like a giant spray of turds, commonly used by mingebags in sandbox
StriderMuzzleFlash Muzzle flash of the striders pulse cannon
cball_explode A small flash and a bigger burst of sparks
cball_bounce A small flash and a burst of sparks
ImpactGunship Makes a plastic impact sound, no visible effects
HL1ShellEject Origin, Angles, Start, Entity, Flags (0 = shell, 1 = shotgun shell)
HL1Gib A spray of giblets, they may have missing models or textures if you haven't mounted Half-Life: Source correctly
HL1GaussWallImpact1 Origin, Magnitude
HL1GaussWallImpact2 Origin, Normal
HL1GaussWallPunchEnter Origin, Normal
HL1GaussWallPunchExit Origin, Normal, Magnitude
HL1GaussReflect Origin, Normal, Magnitude
HL1GaussBeamReflect Start, Origin, Flags (Acts as a bool. 0 = secondary fire, 1 = primary file)
HL1GaussBeam Entity, Origin, Flags (Acts as a bool. 0 = secondary fire, 1 = primary file)
EjectBrass_338Mag CSS bullet shells Origin, Angles, Flags (Acts as velocity)
EjectBrass_762Nato CSS bullet shells Origin, Angles, Flags (Acts as velocity)
EjectBrass_556 CSS bullet shells Origin, Angles, Flags (Acts as velocity)
EjectBrass_57 CSS bullet shells Origin, Angles, Flags (Acts as velocity)
EjectBrass_12Gauge CSS bullet shells Origin, Angles, Flags (Acts as velocity)
EjectBrass_9mm CSS bullet shells Origin, Angles, Flags (Acts as velocity)
CS_MuzzleFlash_X CSS X shaped muzzle flash Origin, Angles, Flags (Acts as velocity)
CS_MuzzleFlash CSS muzzle flash Origin, Angles, Flags (Acts as velocity)
MuzzleEffect HL2 muzzle flash Origin, Angles, Scale
MetalSpark The spark effect when a bullet strikes something made of metal Origin, Normal
ElectricSpark Appears to make a small puff of smoke. Use SetMagnitude to add sparks. Origin, Magnitude, Scale, Normal
Sparks Generic sparks, play with SetMagnitude, SetScale and SetRadius for desired effects Origin, Magnitude, Scale, Normal, Radius
waterripple Creates a water ripple on a water surface when origin is near water.
gunshotsplash A small splash, like when you fire a gun into water
watersplash A small splash, like when you toss a prop into water Origin, Scale
TracerSound Whoosh
ParticleTracer More stupid red X's, I'm certainly doing something wrong here Origin, Entity, Start, HitBox, Flags (TRACER_FLAG_WHIZ)
Tracer The default bullet tracer effect
ShotgunShellEject Shotgun shells Entity, Origin, Angles
RifleShellEject SMG/Rifle shells Entity, Origin, Angles
ShellEject Pistol shells Entity, Origin, Angles
RagdollImpact Grey dust like when you shoot a ragdoll at a wall
HelicopterMegaBomb A large, bright flash Origin
WaterSurfaceExplosion The explosion effect you get when you detonate grenades underwater
Explosion We all know exactly what this does Origin, Magnitude, Scale, Flags (list)
HunterDamage Sprays a bunch of flakes of material that resemble the hunters exoskeleton
BloodImpact A splatter of blood, the same one used when bullets hit a player
bloodspray A long spray of blood, set flags = 3, color = 0, scale = 6 for best results
WheelDust A large puff of barely visible brown dust Origin, Normal, Scale
ShakeRopes Didn't do anything in my test
ParticleEffectStop Used internally to stop particle effects started by "ParticleEffect" effect.
ParticleEffect Spawns an orangebox particle effect, used internally by ParticleEffect and ParticleEffectAttach

Base Gamemode Effects

Name Description
dof_node Basic material effect used by depth of field effect.
ToolTracer The tool shoot effect used by the Tool Gun.

Sandbox Gamemode Effects

Name Description
balloon_pop Effect of a balloon popping.
entity_remove The sparks when you remove something
inflator_magic The sparks when you inflate a ragdoll
LaserTracer Laser shot effect usable by the turret tool.
phys_freeze The effect when you freeze something.
phys_unfreeze The effect when you unfreeze something.
propspawn The prop spawn effect when you spawn a prop (use effectdata:SetEntity( yourent ) )
selection_indicator Indicator effect used by the toolgun.
selection_ring Ring around used the selection_indicator effect.
wheel_indicator Indicator effect to show the direction of a wheel (used by the wheel toolgun).