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  Entity Entity:BecomeRagdollOnClient()


Spawns a clientside ragdoll for the entity, positioning it in place of the original entity, and makes the entity invisible. It doesn't preserve flex values (face posing) as CSRagdolls don't support flex.

It does not work on players. Use Player:CreateRagdoll instead.

The original entity is not removed, and neither are any ragdolls previously generated with this function.

To make the entity re-appear, run Entity:SetNoDraw( false )


1 Entity
The created ragdoll. (class C_ClientRagdoll])


Spawns a ragdoll for all NPCs.

for i, npc in ipairs( ents.FindByClass( "npc_*" ) ) do npc.RagDoll = npc:BecomeRagdollOnClient() end