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boolean GM:PlayerFootstep( Player ply, Vector pos, number foot, string sound, number volume, CRecipientFilter filter )


Called whenever a player steps. Return true to mute the normal sound.


1 Player ply
The stepping player
2 Vector pos
The position of the step
3 number foot
Foot that is stepped. 0 for left, 1 for right
4 string sound
Sound that is going to play
5 number volume
Volume of the footstep
6 CRecipientFilter filter
The Recipient filter of players who can hear the footstep


1 boolean
Prevent default step sound


Disables default player footsteps and plays custom ones.

function GM:PlayerFootstep( ply, pos, foot, sound, volume, rf ) ply:EmitSound("NPC_Hunter.Footstep") -- Play the footsteps hunter is using return true -- Don't allow default footsteps end

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